Accessories necessary for upholstering

Here is a list of tools that will work best when working as upholsterer:

  • upholstery stapler – this tool will be useful for fixing material to the furniture, especially when upholstering armchairs and leisure kits
  • staples – these are the elements that fix the fabric to the furniture. They vary in length, but some of the most universal are so-called tens – legs length is 10 mm. These types of staples are recommended for fixing upholstery materials. In the production of upholstered chairs and decorating works, usually staples 6 and 8 mm long are used
  • staple extractor – the accessory will allow you to dismantle the old upholstery to replace the new fabric. The extractor will handle not only the disassembly of staples, but also nails,
  • filling materials – upholstery foam is best used if you want the seat to be quite soft and comfortable. Foams may have different hardness, usually larger pieces of material are available, which can be easily cut to specific sizes
  • nails – for upholstery work the so-called upholstery tacks with which upholstered chairs and other furniture are decorated and decorated
  • glue – it should be strong and multi-functional, because it has to cope with the combination of various materials; the most often with the help of glue is combined wool with foam or skin. The upholstery glue may be in the form of a spray or applied with a special spray gun
  • elements useful for decoration – usually decorative buttons affect the attractiveness of the renovated furniture. Elements are often found at the headboards, on pillows, or on the lining of internal doors,
  • screwdriver – during the upholstery furniture will also be necessary for a proper screwdriver – you can read about which screwdriver to choose from here