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Renovation of furniture – Wimbledon upholsterer

Our studio based in Wimbledon London specializes in a wide range of upholstery services. The owner of the company – Andrzej Kalicki – has extensive, many years of experience in upholstery. Thanks to this, we can confidently say that under his expert eye nothing will be hidden, and the furniture entrusted to us quickly regains a new life. With considerable success for years, we have been operating in Wimbledon and London area, striving for reliability, reliability and timeliness to please even the most demanding customers who appreciate the advantages of our craft, recommend to their friends the upholstery as a way to new furniture without having to part with tradition.

Currently, the furniture market in London, too, has been dominated by cheap furniture, mass produced, on a large scale. Both their quality and durability often leave much to be desired. Poor design, unreliable finish, cheap, quickly cluttering upholstery materials, although tempting seemingly attractive price, do not translate into durability and flawless furniture appearance even after many years. They force them to replace them costly after a very short period of use.

Therefore, before you decide to get rid of your old, slightly worn upholstered furniture, think carefully. A solid renovation of such furniture will not only be a salvation for the often closed family tradition of many generations, but also a relief for your pocket. Experience shows that these values ​​can not be overestimated, which are always worth cherishing. If you need good upholstery furniture for your company or premises, Andre Upholstery in London will do it for you.

Renovation of furniture – Wimbledon upholsterer welcomes you!

If all that is associated with the history of your furniture is important to you and you do not want to overpay, please contact us and we will renew your furniture. During the first visit, we will suggest you the best solutions, we will show samples of materials and we will make an order valuation, precisely defining the date of its implementation. At every stage of work, we care about the faithful realization of your visions and desires – we ask, consult, advise, negotiate to effectively achieve the desired effect.