Pub seat upholstered with green leather

Upholstery – unusual orders

Bar and restaurant furniture upholstery

For a bar to be successful it is not enough to have a lot of good alcohol in it. Guests need to provide the right mood for fun and spending time – the choice of furniture will play a huge role here! As a company from London with many years of experience in this industry, we know perfectly well that its own and characteristic furnishings give the premises prestige and character – the place is remembered, among other things, because of the interior.

We provide comprehensive catering and entertainment facilities with upholstered furniture – we can design the entire furniture base for you, as well as renovate existing furniture.

Upholstery will make for you upholstered bar lounges, bar sofas, bar hockers, bar boxes and many more!

If you want to provide your guests with comfort and pleasure of using the premises, we encourage you to cooperate in the upholstery of bar furniture!

Individual approach and attention to everyone – even the smallest – detail, are the features that allow us to stand out. Together with our specialists and the ideas of our specialists, the interior of your premises (bar, restaurant, cafe) will take on a new character.

Car upholstery

As a car upholsterer company in London we offer a wide range of upholstery services. As you know, car upholstery, even the best preserved and well cared for will eventually start to deteriorate. If the aesthetist is an important matter for the car owner, he will take care of the renovation of this upholstery as soon as it begins to require it. If the question of convenience and aesthetics goes to the background, the car will not get new upholstery until the old one completely disappears or ceases to fulfill its function.

No matter what type of car owner you are, we’ll save the upholstery in your car! We focus on comprehensiveness, but we will also perform individual small orders.

The rich range of our upholstery services includes:

  • Sewing, repair, restoring upholstery of armchairs and couches
  • Repair of pneumatic seats
  • Stitching the bellows of the gear lever, hand brake
  • Bending the armrests
  • Carpets and rugs to size
  • Wrapping soffits and side panels
  • Car covers
  • Steering wheel trim
  • Individual orders