How to upholster furniture? A few quick tips

Upholstery is a great way for old and worn-out furniture to regain its former splendor. It is also a great idea to give character to these new ones – especially if they do not match the interior design. In this article, we’ll show you how to properly upholster a chair and armchair.

1. Wooden upholstered chairs – where to start?

If we renew the chair, after unscrewing the seat and back we proceed to remove the old upholstery. Let’s try not to damage it, because it can serve as a model for cutting out a new fabric. However, remember to always set up a light supply here, because the new foam may be slightly thicker than the one used “factory”, and then we simply run out of material. If the wooden filling of the seat in the chair is not damaged or rancid, we can proceed to put on foam and material.

2. How to fasten belts and upholstery springs?

Sometimes – when they are worn and do not fulfill their function well – we have to replace the upholstery belts. New ones must be attached to a wooden frame, using a tacker or nails. Their number depends on the width of the seat and backrest: most often 2-3 are mounted vertically and the same amount horizontally – in the case of a backrest. As for the seat, we can strengthen it with more belts. Remember to interlacing them alternately – crosswise, then they will provide us with the optimal degree of “working” of the seat. Importantly, before we attach the belt to a wooden frame, we must ensure that it is properly tensioned.

3. How to choose and cut the foam?

Foam comes next. In the store you will meet various markings. They inform about its rigidity and density. We must also pay attention to the thickness of the foam. In this case, however, we must already make the decision intuitively, because which foam will be the best in a given case depends on the model of the chair or chair being renovated. Purchased foam can be cut right away or cut with a sharp kitchen knife when it is in the chair. Before we apply the upholstery, we still need to lay a nonwoven fabric on the foam, lining the interior of the furniture.

4. How to sew a seat cover?

The last element is the application of material. After removing the old upholstery, we have a pattern of how the cut of the new fabric should look. For this purpose, we can use a sewing machine and properly sew, and then put the necessary elements on the furniture. However, if we do not have the talent of tailoring, it is worth entrusting this task to an upholsterer who will do it better than us.