Upholsterer? He won’t just renew an old armchair or sofa

Fashionable quilted headboard of a bedroom bed, a new sofa of your own design or exactly like the one shown in the picture, renovation of the old chair, wall covering and even a safe – everything can be done by the upholsterer.

Apparently there is no furniture that cannot be renewed. This also applies to upholstered furniture. However, upholsterers are not only waiting for furniture for renovation. They also make new furniture. The fashion for upholstery, not only on seats, undoubtedly benefits this industry. Because the upholsterer can not only renew an old armchair or sofa. He can also make a bed head (simple, modern or quilted), bespoke bedroom bed with a pocket mattress. He can also – based on a photo from a fashionable magazine – make a sofa, spring couch for children and the elderly (of appropriate height and hardness), cornea or sofa. Can also upholster the wall, yacht, stylish car and… luxury safe.

Andre Upholstery says: 

Often my clients bring ideas and inspiration from distant travels. Professional upholstery must therefore have a rich imagination to realize the wishes of the customer as well as experience and talent to meet the high standards of craftsmanship. Many clients also bring pictures of luxury furniture, found e.g. on the internet. These are often products not available in the UK, and I can create them taking into account all individual preferences.

Today, as in every industry, to stay on the market, you need to follow the latest trends. Upholstery is an extremely time-consuming activity, it requires appropriate skill, knowledge and experience. If you doubt your skills or have doubts about whether you manage this task, the best solution will be to entrust this task to a specialist.