Alcantara – what is it?

What is it? Where did it come from? Why has it been conquering the upholstery world since its appearance?

Many of us do not even suspect how many things made of this material are in our environment. Accessories and accessories for clothing, furniture upholstery, car upholstery – wherever we expect leather or suede, a material that is soft and soft to the touch, it surprises us with its presence of Alcantara.

Alcantara – the name itself sounds a bit Italian, but hardly anyone realizes that this amazing material has its roots in distant Japan. The homeland of many new technologies is also the homeland of Alcantara, which Miyoshi Okamoto discovered in the seventies. It was only over the years that the company that stood behind the inventor of Alcantara began to cooperate with the Italian company, and their merger formed a group exclusive of the production of this material, which is a registered trademark.

What is alcantara?

Alcantara’s success lies in its unique structure, based on extremely fine microfibers, which thanks to “grouping” are easier to process. The basic ingredients of Alcantara are polyester and polyurethane – the first one is almost legendary strength of the material, and the second for its extraordinary softness. Both of these ingredients also contribute to the exceptional flexibility in the use of the material, which turned out to be the hallmark of the material, which is Alcantara.

The possibilities

Starting with furniture upholstery, through car upholstery, to clothing accessories – Alcantara is a wide spectrum of possibilities, in which the choice of properties that the manufacturer wants and can give the material used in a particular way is unlimited. Alcantara thickness can range from 0.4 to 1.2 millimeters, making it easy to adapt the material for various purposes. Depending on the purpose, the structure of the textiles can be additionally waterproof, non-flammable or breathable. On the surface of the material you can weave, print and emboss patterns, while providing rich colors that do not fade over the years – just as the durable Alcantara microfibers are known, its time-resisting color intensity is just as famous.

Alcantara – the most often chosen by upholsterers

Few materials have achieved such success on the textile market as Alcantara – from its inception in the seventies, through the change of technology to environmentally friendly, to the present day. This material remains one of the most often chosen by upholsterers, both furniture and car – so it is not surprising that so many things around us are made of Alcantara, although we do not even realize it.