How to clean leather upholstery – 3 steps

Leather upholstery in the car should not cause too many problems for the owner. All you need to do is clean and care for it regularly. It is assumed that these treatments should be performed on average once every three months so that the effects are actually satisfactory. Cleaning the leather car upholstery too infrequently and too often can damage the surface of the seats. Cleaning the upholstery is not complicated, all you have to do is remember each step of the process.

Step 1 – vacuuming

Before we start cleaning the leather upholstery properly, we should start vacuuming. This is a traditional cleaning method, appropriate for all types of upholstery in a car. We can even use a home vacuum cleaner, and if we do not have such a possibility, then we should remember that many gas stations offer their customers the option of using a car vacuum cleaner. Let’s take care to thoroughly vacuum hard-to-reach places, such as connecting the chair’s seat with its backrest.

Step 2 – cleaning with water

Before you start applying chemical cleaners, it’s a good idea to pre-clean with clean water. Just moisten the cloth and wipe the leather surfaces in the car. Let’s remember, however, that excess water can be harmful to the skin, which is why we should use it carefully and in small quantities.

Step 3 – specialized cleaning cosmetics

Special cosmetics are designed to clean the leather upholstery in the car. Automotive stores offer a wide range of such products. They come in various forms. The most popular are agents that change their consistency into foam during application (this reduces the use of water). Cleaning products should be applied first to a soft cloth, and only through it clean the leather upholstery surfaces.

The specificity of leather upholstery cleaners

Cleaning agents vary a lot in their use. There are those that need more time to absorb, those that need to be wiped off with a dry cloth, in the form of foam, liquid or those that require the use of degreasing agents. The choice of the agent depends only on the car owner – it is important that the selected product is intended for cleaning the natural skin, as well as to use it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is good to avoid so-called wet wipes. They are not directed to leather surfaces, and their use may cause drying or discoloration of the upholstery due to chemical compounds drying the skin.

Good cosmetics cleaning car leather upholstery care for the skin, do not damage it (they do not crack, wipe the upholstery or remove paint from it), and also remove unpleasant odors, including cigarette smoke or sweat. It is also good to use agents that additionally contain skin impregnating properties. We should also remember that after cleaning the upholstery, preventive care should be taken to care for the leather surfaces of the car.