Upholstery in your camper

The camper’s equipment should be functional. This issue seems obvious, but not everyone remembers to carefully check the equipment before leaving – whether the oven is heating and the fridge is cooling. Modern campers are equipped with various types of toilets. If you have just bought a house on wheels, make sure what type of toilet you have. Do you need to stock up on special toilet paper and chemicals to use it or do you need such products? You can spend your camping holiday at the seaside, lake or in the mountains.

Camper upholstery

Seats lined with thick and strong foil, or a bed secured in the same way – do you know this view? Don’t worry, the interior of your camper will look the same. Even if you are going on vacation with small children or with friends who like to have fun on vacation, but do not necessarily clean. There is a huge selection of upholstery fabrics on the British market, ideal for use in campers. Such materials are resistant to moisture. Accidentally spilling milk, juice or alcohol on them is not a problem. When the children decide to spread part of the dinner on the seat, there will be no tragedy either. The upholstery can be easily and quickly cleaned. There will be no trace of the stain. The more that modern upholstery fabrics are strong and resistant to abrasion.

Renovating upholstery in trailers and caravans

To set off you do not have to buy a camper straight from the salon or just a few years. Many people have caravans that have been used for years. Others are looking for old trailers or campers because they like classics or want to buy a much cheaper vehicle for long journeys. Both trailers and campers can be found at online auctions for affordable prices. These are old vehicles. They are even 30 years old. So their interior leaves a lot to be desired. But getting the upholstery in right order is not a problem for us.

New upholstery for a trailer or camper

We replace the upholstery and the filling of seats and cushions. After many years of use, they are dirty and damaged. It can be expected that the sponge is also full of bacteria and absorbed many – also unpleasant – odors. We use high quality materials. That is why the renovated sofas are soft and comfortable to use. We choose fabrics indicated by the customer to cover the seats. We have a wide selection of materials in any colors, designs and of various thicknesses. They are resistant to moisture and stains can be easily removed. They also have other advantages.

Upholstery fabrics recommended for motorhomes do not fade, even when exposed to strong sunlight for a long time. In addition, the upholstery is pleasant to the touch and allows comfortable rest after a long day of adventures. Seats made of good quality upholstery materials are easy to keep clean.