Pub seat upholstered with green leather

Upholstery material – eco-leather

Furniture upholstery is one of the most important elements of the decor, which shapes not only the design of the room, but also its overall aesthetics. It is obvious that washed, inelegably stained, or simply worn out cover, of any piece of furniture, will significantly reduce the styling of the entire room. To regain the beautiful appearance of the room, however, you do not need to invest in new furniture, because it is enough to repair upholstered furniture, made by us.

Eco leather

The furniture upholstery we offer covers furniture from all types of materials. Today we would like to direct your attention towards eco-leather, which is otherwise known as derma or rock. It is made of polyvinyl chloride, with the addition of appropriate dyes, as well as plasticizers. Manufacturers shape it in such a way that both the texture and the color of this material look like real leather. Thanks to this, by covering your furniture with this fabric, you can get a visual effect of leather upholstery, with significantly less financial outlay. Eco-leather, because it is relatively easy to manufacture, and thus also much less expensive than genuine leather, which due to scars, irregular faces or other damage is subject to much more expensive treatment. That is why skaj is a material that has been used so successfully as a cheaper substitute for real leather. Due to the type of technology used for its production, as well as due to the structure of the material, dermis can be divided into: eco-friendly leather, perforated leather (punched), pressed leather (with specific wrinkles), as well as H type leather.


Eco-leather is characterised by high resistance to even intensive use, which makes it look attractive for a long time. It is also worth knowing that the leatherette is extremely durable, and at the same time soft, flexible and plastic. Derma is also a fabric pleasant to the touch, which is easy to keep clean. The numerous qualities of eco-leather meant that it found its very wide application in the production and renovation of furniture, as well as the production of car upholstery. Our upholsterers also carry out orders for rocking furniture with rock. The service we provide guarantees the collection of furniture from the client’s home and their re-delivery, with new upholstery

Differences between natural leather and eco-leather

Leather is a 100% natural raw material, therefore it has its unique features and unique, diverse structure, also within one mud. When ordering leather leisure, we cannot expect that the entire furniture will be the same and will have a uniform texture on the entire surface. Any birthmarks or scars confirm the naturalness and uniqueness of the raw material. When ordering a piece of furniture, we never know exactly what it will be like. However, this is not a disadvantage but the biggest advantage of the skin. Each centimeter is different, unique, just as its history is unique. Like human skin, it changes, wrinkles and stretches with age (within tolerance), but with proper and systematic care ensured, it looks great and soft for many years of use. It is characteristic that the skin, unlike fabrics, does not wear out but ages.