Upholstery workshop – equipment needed for work

As we know, most professions have their own specialized equipment. It’s also upholstery. In his workshop, he needs a variety of objects to create and renew our furniture. If you are thinking about your own workshop, check what you need to buy and how to prepare for starting a business.

Without machines and production lines

Single-person, and even those slightly larger upholstery factories are still not able to base their work on automated machines. Screwdrivers, staplers and glue guns still dominate. It is far from fully automated production lines, which are often found only in large furniture factories. The work of human hands is still a basic tool in the average upholstery factory.

Basic workshop tools

The most needed and most popular tools in the workshop will definitely include:

Upholstery hammer (can be in basic or extended version) – we hope that the purpose does not need to be explained. However, there are additional elements in the form of magnesium that holds the nails or a claw to pull them out.

Nailing device – and this is not about something similar to a hammer, this tool differs from it, but it still has the same application, but limited. This tool can drive nails with a maximum head diameter of 3 mm.

Upholstery chisel – this tool is used to pry and cut nails and clamps.

Quilting tool – as the name suggests, this tool is used for quilting upholstery materials and leather with upholstery buttons.

A decorative nail attachment – this item allows you to nail decorative nails quickly and easily.

Upholstery clamp – it is to securely fasten upholstery clips that are used to connect interior and car body elements. A special puller releases the clip of the expansion hole using the fork construction of the working tip and the arm lever

Clamp pliers – a device that is most often used when working with car upholstery – is to tighten upholstery buckles.

Staple extractor – you do not need to explain much here, it is only about efficiently and without unnecessary effort, conveniently remove the staples.

Belt tensioner – there are different versions of this instrument, however, despite the difference in mechanisms, the idea is one – stretching belts and materials.

Button crimper – a small size machine used for dressing upholstery buttons. This tool should be found in every upholstery workshop.