A way to sew garden furniture cushions

Cushions for garden furniture are an essential element of relaxing in the fresh air. They are perfect during the afternoon nap as a comfortable support for the head. They can also serve as a comfortable support of the whole body, a comfortable seat or increasing comfort of use, a permanent element of garden equipment. A chair or deckchair without cushions also fulfills all its functions. However, without them they are deprived of comfort and many aesthetic values.

Suitable material for garden furniture cushions

Pillows for chairs, armchairs, swings and deckchairs of various sizes are best made of resistant polyester or acrylic material. Cotton blended fabrics also work well. Thanks to this, the pillow cases can be easily and quickly cleaned. At the same time, polyester or acrylic cushions for garden furniture do not absorb any unpleasant smells. As a filling, it is worth using a non-woven fabric, which is highly resistant to moisture. It can be polyurethane pan, cotton wool or silicone ball, French fries or pieces of PU foam, as well as mixtures of various fillings. Thanks to synthetic fillings, the pillow does not require eternal storage in the room. This solution is also highly recommended for allergy sufferers. The right material for garden furniture cushions to a large extent determines the level of comfort offered. Polyester covers retain their shape and do not mold. They can be made individually or sew whole sets of cushions, which work well on long benches or multi-person swings. Decorative cushions for garden furniture are a very good garden decoration. A huge number of effective designs and colors can significantly brighten even the darkest garden. That is why it is worth choosing the material that suits the character of the space.

Material preparation

Garden furniture cushions should be large, thick and carefully made. Armchairs, chairs or benches in the garden usually have a hard construction, because they are made of wood, metal or strong plastic. Therefore, the surrounding material layer must also be fairly solid. The selected material for cushions for garden furniture should first be properly prepared. The fabric with the selected pattern can be bought in the store, where there is a very large stylistic spread of the offered materials. A more economical solution is to use the material that served as upholstery for old covers or armchairs. A sewing machine is needed to make the pillow. Manually stitching the material may not be strong enough and precise. The use of the machine also allows for very even and durable sewing. In addition, of course, scissors, threads, pins, needles and a sheet to make a pattern will be useful, The prepared pillowcase must be closed in some way. You can use a zip, velcro or buttons to fasten it. The solution is also sewing all edges, but then the pillow will be more difficult to wash.

Making cushions for garden furniture

Before the pillow is sewn, it is necessary to have a ready pattern. If a chair, armchair or swing have standard seat dimensions, a suitable pattern can be found on the internet and make a cushion based on it. You can also use ready-made cushions and make a pattern based on them. However, if garden furniture requires a more precise definition of dimensions, the best solution is to make the pattern yourself. For this purpose, you can use a sheet of gray paper or other rigid material that allows you to freely outline and cut out the pattern. The dimensions, however, must be precise enough so that the finished cushion really fits the furniture without a problem. After applying the sheet to the seat, outline the shape of its edge and transfer it to the material ready for cutting out. The pattern cut in this way should be applied to the material and its edges should be traced. The next step is to fold the material in half and cut out the double-folded fabric. It is worth remembering to keep at least 1.5 centimeters in reserve. The cut out shape must be slightly larger, because it is necessary to keep enough space for the seams. When the shape is already cut, the material should be sewn on three edges. The fourth will be used as a pillowcase fastener. When the pillowcase is ready, you need to put the right filling in it. After inserting the filling, the pillow should be supplemented with a fastener. They can usually be buttons, Velcro or zipper. The solution is also to sew the fourth edge permanently.

Hand-made pillows and pillows from the store

Making a cushion for garden furniture yourself is very profitable. This method allows you to use the right, perfectly matched material and filling, as well as make the pillow with ideal dimensions. Store cushions for garden furniture very often have poor, hard fillings and are made of materials with low resistance to moisture and sun. Self-made garden furniture cushions can also be prepared based on virtually unlimited ideas. To preserve the individual character of the garden, the finished pillow can have a variety of designs and varied colors. In this way, the arrangement of the garden can be maintained in a much more original style, which will be its hallmark. Also satisfaction with self-made garden equipment can be very high.