Restaurant seats upholstered with stripes fabric

Sofas and boxes for bars and restaurants

Sometimes an original effect is achieved by simple means. A bit of material can completely change the restaurant equipment and make the interior more elegant or cozy, and in both cases – more comfortable. Depending on the nature of the arrangement of the premises and your needs, upholstered furniture will be made of materials with a specific texture and properties.

Holes in sofas, crooked chairs and hockers, ragged sofas, stained with the remains of food, upholstery is unfortunately everyday in many pubs. And nothing scares the customer away like the unsightly interior design of the premises.

A whole new design

We strive to meet our clients’ every wish. If you do not want to renew your bar furniture, use our help in arranging the interior of your premises. We can make for you modern bar lounges, sofas, hockers, boxes, chairs, armchairs and other bar furniture, adapted to the atmosphere and style of your premises. We invite you to contact us. A key role in interior design is played by the material that is upholstered with upholstered furniture. Depending on the nature of the arrangement, it is worth using different solutions.

Elegant and stylish restaurant

If upholstered furniture is to be elegant, it is worth choosing leather upholstery. Not only that, they look classy, ​​they are also stain resistant and can be easily cleaned. This solution will appeal especially to allergy sufferers allergic to artificial fabrics. However, the skin also has some disadvantages – you have to wash it regularly and in addition it is relatively expensive. An elegant alternative to her is the jacquard, which looks really phenomenal, especially if it is decorated with a fancy pattern. Velor is also noteworthy. This material works well in elegant interiors as well as in retro cafes or in art deco and glamor style. However, keep in mind that cleaning this fabric it may not be very easy, especially if the place allows clients to visit animals.

Cozy place, great style

Do you want the interior to have a cozy atmosphere? In that case, flocked fabrics are worth considering. They are soft and therefore comfortable. Therefore, they are perfect for places where customers want to sit for hours, sipping coffee and talking with friends. Their choice is also supported by the fact that they do not wear easily and can be easily cleaned. Alcantra will also provide customers with comfort, which is also pleasant to the touch.

Modern atmosphere

Interiors in a modern style will look good if you use upholstered furniture for restaurants with simple, geometric shapes. Their upholstery should be above all devoid of fancy designs. Modern style values ​​functional solutions, so chenille should be considered as a material for upholstery. It is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. In addition, you can easily remove hair and small fibers from it, which is important in places where you can come with animals. Microfibre will also be a practical choice. It is stain resistant and has high durability.