Homemade ways to clean upholstered furniture

Dirty furniture is a real bane in many homes. Unaesthetic stains that are difficult to remove can make you feel dizzy. Fortunately, there are proven tricks that will help you remove any dirt yourself and enjoy the impeccable appearance of an armchair, sofa or corner. From now on, you do not have to hide the dirt from your guests and worry that someone will discover your secret. See how to clean upholstered furniture with home methods.

Incompetent cleaning of upholstery fabrics may damage it. For this reason, it is worth being cautious and using proven methods. In order to ensure that the upholstery material does not suffer when combating stains, it is recommended to test in an inconspicuous area. Thanks to this, you can avoid disappointment and regain the joy of relaxation.

Cleaning upholstered furniture with leather

Before you start cleaning the couch, make sure what material was used to cover the frame. The type of furniture fabric has a decisive influence on the selection of appropriate measures. Dirt on eco-leather is removed differently than on alcantara. To clean artificial leather, it is best to use a soft cloth moistened with a solution of lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid. Remember to remove the tears in this way to avoid rubbing and not to enlarge the dirty marks. This is the most important dirt, always start from the edge of the seat or backrest inwards. A defect thanks to which you will achieve satisfactory results.

Washing furniture upholstery

In the case of traditional fabrics, lukewarm water mixed with washing powder or dishwashing liquid will be helpful. Clean the fabric with circular movements. If all dirt does not come off, use a mixture of water and baking soda. What do you need to know before starting work? Try not to wet the upholstery too much. Make sure the cloth is wrung out well. Thanks to this, the material will be perfectly clean, free of stains. Do not rub the fabric, make sure, long, circular movements.

Cleaning a velor sofa or couch

Cleaning sofas and other velor upholstered furniture requires a little more effort. The luxurious fabric looks impressive. It is worth trying to keep its shine. Soft bristles can be cleaned with water mixed with ammonia. Perform all treatments in the direction of the bristles. Finally, comb them with a soft brush and dry with a hair dryer.

Removal of greasy stains from upholstery fabric

You can remove greasy stains on the upholstery thanks to potato flour. Sprinkle the stain with flour and let it sit for a few minutes. Then vacuum the starch and rub with a cloth. It is best to get rid of any cream, lipstick or lip gloss residues right away. This makes it easier to get rid of the traces.

How to remove wine, coffee and tea stains on upholstery?

Citric acid and water will be helpful here. You can also treat the wine stain with dry white liquor. Regardless of which method you choose, wipe the area with a cloth dipped in water and detergent. Then dry the fabric.

Cleaning upholstery with home methods – summary

Cleaning upholstery furniture does not have to become a nightmare. You can remove most stains yourself, using the old proven methods. To extend the life of your upholstery fabrics, tackle the dirt right away. This way you will get rid of even the most problematic marks from the fabric. Also take care of the systematic vacuuming of traditional upholstery. Furniture upholstered with eco-leather or natural leather, wipe with dust. Before starting cleaning, make sure that the agents you want to use will not damage the structure of the material. Make an attempt in an inconspicuous place. To wash upholstered furniture, use water with detergent or washing up liquid. You can fight greasy marks with potato starch, while drink stains will disappear thanks to citric acid.