Hair salon and barbers chair upholstery

Armchairs are one of the basic elements of a beauty salon or a hairdressing salon. It is them that determine the comfort of the client’s time spent while cutting or modeling a new hairstyle. Bearing this in mind, most businesses decide to upholster their hairdressing chairs.

Versatility and comfort – custom design upholstery

Brand new professional salon chairs can be expensive, so re-upholstery is a very cost effective way of bringing a new style into your hairdressing salon or barbers shop. Re-use your existing chairs, or upcycling second hand with a custom design to suit your salon brand. Upholstered armchairs can be perfect because of their versatility and comfort. During hot days, they won’t get warm from the sun shining through the window. Moreover, the upholstery is made of artificial materials, which excludes allergic reactions in children and adults. The choice of upholstered armchairs is so large that it will suit any interior of a hairdressing salon.

Upholstery regeneration

After a long day of serving customers, the armchair may not be the same as you saw it before opening the showroom. Upholstered chairs are easy to clean, so it is possible that a client was taken to the chair that looks as if it had just been brought from the furniture store. Once the armchair is damaged after a long time, there is no problem with replacing the upholstery. Andre Upholstery is a professional upholstery replacement company to give upholstered furniture a second life. Replacing the upholstery of armchairs can be crucial when performing a large number of orders in a hairdressing salon.

High quality and low price

Upholstering hairdressing chairs is certainly a solution that will provide a professional and comfortable range for the salon. In addition to their better usability in salons, such a service will allow you to save on the purchase of new equipment and spend the saved money on richer equipment in a hairdressing salon.

Bearing in mind the saying “our client is our priority”, it is worth considering how you can provide him with adequate comfort so that he will come out happy and satisfied not only with the new hairstyle. Hairdressing chairs will play the lion’s share in this, so it is worth taking a closer look at this aspect, because they are the heart of the salon where the client will spend the most time. The upholstery process will give them theĀ right quality and longevity of use!