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  • Restaurant seats upholstered with stripes fabric

    Sofas and boxes for bars and restaurants

    Sometimes an original effect is achieved by simple means. A bit of material can completely change the restaurant equipment and make the interior more elegant or cozy, and in both cases – more comfortable. Depending on the nature of the arrangement of the premises and your needs, upholstered furniture...

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  • Round pouf upholstered with soft fabric

    Living Room Poufs

    Poufs are functional furniture that will give your interior a unique atmosphere and style. Contrary to appearances, the poufs are also extremely comfortable seats. Is it worth buying them? Discover 5 reasons why you should have poufs in your living room. Seat poufs – a comfortable seat Seat poufs...

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    How Do You Choose the Best Fabric for Your Furniture?

    Upholstered furniture is available today in a wide selection. The quality and type of material used for their production can be individually tailored to the needs. The most important features of a well-chosen upholstery are: durability, resistance, high aesthetics and ease of keeping the fabric clean. When choosing upholstery,...

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    A way to sew garden furniture cushions

    Cushions for garden furniture are an essential element of relaxing in the fresh air. They are perfect during the afternoon nap as a comfortable support for the head. They can also serve as a comfortable support of the whole body, a comfortable seat or increasing comfort of use, a...

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  • Golden frame green headboard upholstered with fabric

    How to care for upholstery fabrics?

    Upholstered furniture enjoy unflagging popularity. If you plan to arrange the living room or living room and you are thinking about elegant, fashionable and above all comfortable furniture, then an upholstered seating set will be the perfect choice. Currently, you can choose not only between different furniture designs, but...

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  • Two seats upholstered in modern style

    Upholstered chairs for a comfortable interior

    When talking about upholstered furniture, people visualize the most often upholstered sofa, armchair or couch, comfortable corner or sofa. Meanwhile, we often forget about the very important detail for the interior, about upholstered chairs. Upholstered furniture is not only sofas, couches or armchairs, corners or couches, but also chairs...

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    Upholstery workshop – equipment needed for work

    As we know, most professions have their own specialized equipment. It’s also upholstery. In his workshop, he needs a variety of objects to create and renew our furniture. If you are thinking about your own workshop, check what you need to buy and how to prepare for starting a...

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  • Pub seat upholstered with green leather

    Upholstery material – eco-leather

    Furniture upholstery is one of the most important elements of the decor, which shapes not only the design of the room, but also its overall aesthetics. It is obvious that washed, inelegably stained, or simply worn out cover, of any piece of furniture, will significantly reduce the styling of...

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    Upholstery in your camper

    The camper’s equipment should be functional. This issue seems obvious, but not everyone remembers to carefully check the equipment before leaving – whether the oven is heating and the fridge is cooling. Modern campers are equipped with various types of toilets. If you have just bought a house on...

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    How to make upholstery your career?

    Upholstery belongs to the craft professions. This profession has a fairly long history and is still very successful to this day. This is due to the fact that his work is currently enjoying growing demand. So let’s take a closer look at what the upholstery profession really is like....

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