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    Accessories necessary for upholstering

    Here is a list of tools that will work best when working as upholsterer: upholstery stapler – this tool will be useful for fixing material to the furniture, especially when upholstering armchairs and leisure kits staples – these are the elements that fix the fabric to the furniture. They...

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    Upholstering furniture – why better to repair than to replace?

    Each of us sooner or later looks at furniture he bought a few years ago and thinks if it’s necessary to consider their replacement. We begin to notice that here the weathered upholstery faded, the seam broke, and elsewhere a stain was visible more and more, the livelihood of...

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    What does an Upholsterer do?

    The upholsterer is a craft tradesman. This profession has a fairly long history and it has been very successful to this day. This is due to the fact that the work done by him now enjoys a growing demand. So let’s take a closer look at what the upholstery...

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