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Upholstery services in Surbiton

Upholstery services in Surbiton

Andre Upholstery is the leader in fine furniture and commercial upholstery for Surbiton and the entire London region. We design, update and restore upholstery for sofas, chairs, chaise lounges, cushions, pillows, kitchen nooks, and leather furniture. Andre Upholstery artisans possess the training, experience and talent to transform your vision into reality. Bring back the lost beauty of your old furniture with our re upholstery services. We reupholster couches, chairs, dining seats and cushions; or repair broken zippers or buttons. We also recover seats and booths for casinos and restaurants.

Re-upholstering your furniture

You maybe considering a price comparison between re-furbishing your existing furniture to buying new furniture. There are some points to consider. Many older pieces of furniture may look damaged and worn but in most cases what counts is the solid structure beneath the fabrics. Today’s furniture doesn’t always have that solid structure.

Also, nearly every week we are asked to quote on furniture that was sold as leather when it was really only bonded leather. In only a matter of a few years it is peeling and looks terrible. In reality, your money has been wasted. When you ask for an upholstery quote on leather, it will be based on the quality leather supplied by Andre Upholstery. We can bring those old favourites and family heirlooms back to life even bringing a contemporary look to a classic piece.

From replacing damaged foam in your favourite chair to masking flaws in an antique settee, we sweat the small stuff. Our craftsmen reinforce & serge upholstery seams, align complicated fabric patterns, match pleats, correct spring edges, repair dings & dents, recover outdoor cushions, fabricate custom buttons and restore old chairs.

Whether it’s reupholstering a piece to original condition or modernising it with a refreshing new look, no requests are out of the question.We organise the entire process for you, from the initial quote to arranging transport pick-up and delivery. All you have to do is choose your style and select your new, updated fabric. Our experienced team can also assist with that.

When you choose our upholstery in Surbiton you are selecting a premium service that will surely cover your needs and exceed your expectations, bringing glory from past days to your furniture and making sure they are a valuable piece of decoration for your place or completely transforming the look and feel of it to suit your updated decor.

If you need more information related to our range of services for proper upholstery in Surbiton, you can contact us today and we will be happy to assist you and guide you through several options and possibilities of restoration or re upholstery. Here at Andre Upholstery you will find a wide range of premium fabrics and leather from which you can choose and make sure your furniture looks amazing, just the way you always imagined.