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  • 08

    A way to sew garden furniture cushions

    Cushions for garden furniture are an essential element of relaxing in the fresh air. They are perfect during the afternoon nap as a comfortable support for the head. They can also serve as a comfortable support of the whole body, a comfortable seat or increasing comfort of use, a...

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  • Golden frame green headboard upholstered with fabric

    How to care for upholstery fabrics?

    Upholstered furniture enjoy unflagging popularity. If you plan to arrange the living room or living room and you are thinking about elegant, fashionable and above all comfortable furniture, then an upholstered seating set will be the perfect choice. Currently, you can choose not only between different furniture designs, but...

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  • Pub seat upholstered with green leather

    Upholstery material – eco-leather

    Furniture upholstery is one of the most important elements of the decor, which shapes not only the design of the room, but also its overall aesthetics. It is obvious that washed, inelegably stained, or simply worn out cover, of any piece of furniture, will significantly reduce the styling of...

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  • 19

    Alcantara – what is it?

    What is it? Where did it come from? Why has it been conquering the upholstery world since its appearance? Many of us do not even suspect how many things made of this material are in our environment. Accessories and accessories for clothing, furniture upholstery, car upholstery – wherever we...

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  • 05

    What upholstery material to choose?

    Choosing the right upholstery for furniture is a very important issue – it is not only about aesthetic values, but also about comfortable and problem-free use. Covering the sofa or armchairs is to serve for many years and in often not very easy conditions – upholstered furniture are exposed...

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